Welcome to the Fog at Bay, a series of personal stories about struggles and growth from people in academia and medicine.

In season 1, we heard a variety of voices and experiences about living with mental health issues from graduate school, medical school, and faculty.
In our second season, we highlighted personal stories through conversations about common experience of otherness. We explored topics ranging from women in science, diversity, disability, LGBTQ identity, and undocumented status. 

In our upcoming third season, we will focus again on mental health, this time with attention to how identity and mental health can intersect. We will delve into themes of isolation, labels, stigma, the culture of academia, allyship, and intersectionality. Stay tuned for the release of Season 3 in January 2020.
Please let us know what you think or submit your own story by contacting us at thefogatbay@gmail.com


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Season 2 was made possible by generous funding from the UCSF Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost office.


Alison Comrie

season 2 producer

Demetris Roumis

seasons 1,2 executive producer


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Ben Mansky

season 2 producer

season 2 host

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Lay Kodama

season 1 producer

season 2 executive producer

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Anna lipkin

season 2 producer


Tara aitken

season 3 producer

photo by Nicholas Steinberg